Cortana may have faded into oblivion for many, but that didn’t stop Microsoft from trying to keep the virtual assistant alive. In line with this , Play My Emails has been introduced to the Outlook app for mobile devices letting you interact with your unread emails with Cortana's help. The feature is coming to Android devices in 2020, even though it has begun rolling out to iOS handsets.

The idea behind Play My Emails is to let you go through new messages without the need to dedicate daily timeslots just to read them. You could be getting ready for work or driving to your office, and Cortana will read your emails aloud. Microsoft says that a host of playback options will be available even when you’re using Bluetooth headphones, while additional functionalities for the Surface Earbuds are on the way.

Play My Emails can be started from Outlook’s hamburger menu or by simply asking Cortana. The assistant begins by giving you an overview of your communications and then tells you if your schedule for the day has changed in any way. It can jump straight to important emails and let you know if a message is better read on a screen, has attachments, or is part of a thread.

You can ask Cortana to skip, archive, or delete an email, plus there are options to send quick replies or flag a conversation that needs your attention later. Play My Emails relies more on Microsoft’s AI capabilities than just text-to-speech, which has helped make Cortana more contextually aware of the senders, their job titles, message content, and even attached files, as demonstrated in the product video.

Outlook for iOS is already getting this feature in the US, while Android users will have to wait until Spring next year. The company didn’t share any detail on when we can expect Cortana to read emails in other parts of the world. In the meantime, you can go ahead and install the Outlook app for Android from the Play Store or APK Mirror.