Google may have just purchased Fitbit, but it still has a wearable platform of its own to take care of — Wear OS. Despite its wide array of capabilities that go beyond merely displaying the correct time, that function remains the main utility of a device strapped to your wrist. It's sad to see that during the switch to standard time, some watches' always-on displays kept showing daylight saving hours.

Following both Sunday's US switch to standard time and Europe's earlier changing of the clocks, people took to Reddit to show how their watches still showed daylight saving times in always-on display mode. Once they activate the regular interface, they could see the correct time, but the AOD kept displaying it one hour off.

The fix seems simple enough: Restart your phone and watch, and the AOD has the correct time again. Still, it shouldn't even come this far, and for a device that looks and behaves like a watch most of the time, this is quite embarrassing. Maybe Google is betting on countries worldwide getting rid of daylight savings after the European Parliament's vote to abolish it by 2021.