Firefox is among the most recognized browsers across desktop and mobile platforms, even though Chrome enjoys a larger userbase. What makes the Mozilla browser stand out is its plethora of privacy and security features. Soon joining this list is a new feature that will hide those annoying notification popups by default on the desktop app, while Firefox for Android may have to wait a little longer.

Mozilla had introduced this feature to its Firefox Nightly browser build back in April 2019 to ensure minimal impact. Turns out, around 99% of these notification popups are dismissed, according to a study conducted by the company, so not a whole lot of users will be bothered if the popups never showed up. Instead of a prompt, the URL bar will show an icon that you can click to give notification permissions to individual websites. The feature is supposed to go live for stable channels with version 72 that is expected to roll out in January 2020.

Things haven’t been as breezy on the Android side as Firefox hasn’t seen a major feature release after version 68. Mozilla diverted its resources to a next-gen browser designed to address the main app’s shortcomings and beta released it as Firefox Preview. The new browser is still playing catch-up with most feature updates, so it's unlikely to get the notification popup blocker anytime soon. With the current implementation in the Preview app for Android, you can either block all notifications or let all websites seek individual permissions. You can test the browser by heading either to the Play Store or APK Mirror.