When you're researching or traveling to a new city, it helps to know where the popular attractions and landmarks are. Google Maps can provide this information, but most important points of interest are lost among a sea of blue, orange, and green icons. Thanks to a recent change, these major landmarks are getting dotted with a larger icon, providing quick, at-a-glance visibility.

Some landmarks in London, Paris, and New York.

Open Google Maps and navigate to major cities like London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, New York, and you should find these large landmark icons denoting the cities' most important locations. The focus seems to be on old, historically-significant places, though that's not a hard-set rule. I tried a few other cities like Washington and Sydney and didn't see these landmarks for the White House or the Sydney Opera House, so perhaps they're still being added or maybe there are specific criteria to grant a place this special icon that these two don't meet.

The landmark icons are showing up for me on Maps 10.28.2 (APK Mirror), though they could be server-side triggered; I don't see them on the web yet.

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