Google Family Link allows parents to administer their children's devices, granularly controlling which apps they can install, how much time they can spend on their phones, and when it's time to put their tech down before bed. In an update to the service, Google has introduced new options, now letting parents set up per-app time limits and add bonus time before the nightly shutdown.

Per-app limits might come in handy when parents don't want their kids to play games for hours but would highly encourage them to educate themselves with Duolingo or Google's own Bolo app that helps kids read English, Hindi, and other languages. The bonus time before bed just makes sense, too. Before, parents couldn't easily grant the wish for "five more minutes" – they'd have to manually raise and lower the global setting in that case.

The changes were already previewed back in May during Google I/O when the company announced that it would bake parental controls right into Android 10's Digital Wellbeing. Along with introducing the functionality for everyone, Google now made the integration in the latest version of its OS official. The update is currently rolling out on the Play Store.

These two features have been slowly trickling down to users over the past couple of months, and now they seem to have rolled out to everyone. The apps' changelogs on the Play Store were also updated to highlight the additions:

Set time limits for individual apps - Not all screen time is created equal, so Family Link enables parents to set time limits for each individual app or game their kids have on their device.
Bonus screen time for the day - Parents love that they can set a daily screen time limit, but sometimes kids need just a few more minutes. Now, parents can grant more screen time directly from their own device.

Google Family Link for parents
Google Family Link for parents