When Amazon introduced the Echo Show 5, a 5-inch variant of the Echo Show back in May, it was well suited to win over users looking for a smaller or more affordable smart display. Its initial price of $90 was more affordable than other products in this space, and we've seen it drop as low as $65 in the past few months. But now, the Echo Show 5 is available from Amazon for a new low of only $60, which is a savings of 33%.

In many ways, the Echo Show 5 is just a smaller Echo Show as it still includes a built-in camera and microphone that allow users to make and receive video calls or communicate with Alexa. However, the quality of the camera sensor has been reduced from 5MP to 1MP, presumably to reduce costs. Last, but not least, since this device could potentially replace your bedside alarm clock, users can disable the camera and microphone altogether for more privacy.

Once again, this is the most significant discount yet on this relatively new addition to the Echo lineup. It's also much cheaper than the closest Assistant-powered competition, the $80 Lenovo Smart Clock.