Every piece of software that Google makes is being reworked to get design uniformity across the board under the new material guidelines. Then why should the poor account switcher be left behind? The Google account switcher on the web is undergoing a redesign after its mobile counterpart got switching gestures and direct access to account settings.

Left: Old UI Right: New UI

The grey portion of the pop-up is now entirely gone in favor of a white background, contributing to an overall cleaner look. Your profile photo now takes the top spot along with a tiny icon to change it. Every other account detail sits below it, including the “Manage your Google Account” button that gives you single-tap access to your account settings. The options to add more accounts and sign out get their own slots in this vertical flow.

For me, the pop-up doesn’t follow Chrome’s dark mode setting, but chances are it’ll get the same dark treatment sooner than later. These changes appeared for a few of us in the team a while back, but based on all the tips we’re receiving, it appears that the redesign is headed for a wider rollout.

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