In need of some tunes for your Halloween party tonight? If so, Spotify has pushed out a "Stay Scary" playlist for the holiday, featuring around 200 minutes of music spread across fifty songs. It's not exactly a Halloween-themed playlist — think "party pop" across eras — but it does give you a sort-of-spooky Easter egg while it's playing.

The playlist has exactly fifty songs, with a handful of narrative/video interludes between the first three — and which don't appear if you try to play the media on some platforms, sadly. While playing on a desktop via the browser, you do get a bit of an Easter egg, with glitched-out text, zalgo'ed descriptions, and a smoky moving background. Although it would be way cooler at a party, none of the effects appear when streaming music to your stereo via a Chromecast.

Contents of the playlist cover a range from Janet Jackson, Freddie Mercury, and Madonna, to Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, and Rihanna, with a little Björk, Willie Nelson, and Blink 812 mixed in, if you get the idea. (It covers quite a range.)

If you run out of tunes tonight, before you succumb to the party-killing practice of a public queue, consider tossing on Spotify's seasonal set.