Huawei’s first foldable phone — the Mate X — may finally see the light of day this November 15 after a twice-deferred launch since June. The delays were partly in view of the company's trade hurdles concerning Android, and largely to make hardware refinements to avoid a Galaxy Fold-like recall. Huawei took this time to hone the Mate X’s out-folding display with a layer of transparent polyimide (PI), which should prevent the screen from scratching.

The Mate X’s 8-inch screen is at a greater risk of getting scuffed owing to its out-folding design. This transparent PI, developed by South Korea’s Kolon Industries, claims to address this issue with its heat and impact resistance. Kolon is the same company that supplied similar polymer layers for the Royole foldable phone, which didn’t turn out to be a hit after all. Samsung’s refreshed Galaxy Fold also uses a transparent PI over its display that is supplied by Japan-based Sumitumo Chemicals.

We recently got to see some live photos of the Mate X after it underwent a redesign and made an appearance on Chinese regulator TENAA’s website. The handset will supposedly remain exclusive to China where it’ll retail for around $2600.