About a year ago, Dropbox introduced Extensions, which allowed third-party apps and services to integrate with your content. For instance, you could sign documents with Adobe Sign and DocuSign directly from Dropbox, without having to worry about transferring files. Dropbox is now announcing 13 new extensions, which will integrate with your documents and folders seamlessly.

The new integrations include the ability to attach Dropbox files to Gmail, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, WhatsApp, and Line Works. There's also a new partnership with Vimeo that lets you streamline your feedback workflow and distribute videos directly from Dropbox. Similarly, you'll be able to use Clipchamp and WeVideo to edit and publish videos stored in your Dropbox. Designers will also appreciate the new partnership with Canva, which lets you create new designs and automatically save them back to Dropbox. On a more business-related aspect, new integrations with Freshbooks, DocSend, and Notarize will allow you to save scanned receipts, track file integrations, and notarize documents seamlessly.

These new extensions are available starting today, both in the desktop and web apps, for all Dropbox plans. The company also says it's working on rolling out even more extensions with additional partners next year.