After chugging along for four years, Sony is calling it quits and ending its Playstation Vue subscription service. The company cites the slow-changing and competitive Pay TV industry as its primary reason for the pullout, and it plans to focus on its core gaming business going forward. Subscribers will have access to the service until January 30, 2020.

The Playstation Vue is a streaming service that provides live TV, movies, news, and sports without a cable or satellite subscription. It's compatible across a wide swath of devices, including the Amazon Fire TV, Roku players, mobile devices, and of course, the Playstation 3 and 4 consoles.

Despite having over 100 million Playstation 4s in the market today, Sony has not been able to successfully expand its Vue business against competitors such as YouTube TV and Hulu, whose subscriber base continues to grow at a healthy rate. In fact, a rumor surfaced just a few days ago that Sony is actively working with Bank of America Merril Lynch to find a buyer for Vue, including its technology and subscriber list of around 500,000 households. Against such a dire backdrop, Playstation Vue's termination and Sony's shift in focus to its key gaming services — Playstion Now and Playstation Plus — hardly seem surprising.

This pop-up now greets people at the Playstation Vue homepage.

A reader sent us a screenshot of an email from the Playstation Vue team which says subscribers will maintain their viewing privileges until January 30, 2020.

Subscribers will receive their final charge in December and active paid subscribers won't be charged for the service after December 31st. For those that paid ahead past January 2020, a refund from Sony will probably be forthcoming.

PlayStation Vue
PlayStation Vue
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