Samsung has always offered a number of utility features, either baked into the system settings or via separate apps. The company is now consolidating them under one umbrella suite called Galaxy Labs, which will include four apps — File Guardian, Battery Tracker, Battery Guardian, and App Booster — to optimize various aspects of your Galaxy phone.

Both Battery Guardian and App Booster appear to have limited functionality similar to what has already been available on Samsung phones. The former checks if you have app optimization options enabled, which should close background apps to prevent battery drain. App Booster, on the other hand, works in mysterious ways to improve the phone’s performance.

Next on the list is Battery Tracker which, well, tracks which apps are being hard on your phone’s battery and presents you with a detailed report of its findings. You can get these reports either for the last 24 hours or 7 days to understand your usage pattern. One UI 2.0 is already getting these features with Device care, though Battery Tracker will ensure a wider availability, even for phones running Pie.

Perhaps, the most useful of them all is File Guardian, which has data recovery capabilities up its sleeve, besides offering an option to auto delete files based on a couple of filters. The app appears to have a bunch of file categories, including one for APKs, to properly list any deleted data, as shown in the included screenshots.

The Galaxy Labs app merely works as an intermediary where you can download all these utility apps. Samsung phone and tablet owners can download it from the Galaxy Store, but its official availability is limited to a handful of countries, which doesn’t include the US. You can still get it in other regions right away using the APK files listed below. Make sure to download and install Galaxy Labs and Galaxy Labs Agent before getting the APKs for other apps.

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