With the arrival of the Nvidia Shield TV (2019), some of you might be looking to pick up the controller to get streaming your PC games or play something from your Android library (including the Shield-exclusive titles). Lucky for you, Amazon has dropped the price on it by $18.11, down to $41.88. For a controller that normally costs $60, that's a decent sale.

Nvidia redesigned the Shield Controller for the 2017 TV release, and you can see the old one on the left in the image below. It features the typical array of buttons, thumbsticks, and so on, but it also have a back and home button flanking the start button. You can also activate Assistant and talk directly to the controller via the Nvidia button right in the center.

Many will be quick to point out that the Shield Controller lacks USB-C for charging, a more than passable d-pad, or a good vibration motor. However, as an owner of all the major controllers out there, the Shield Controller is up there for me as the best in ergonomic comfort. I love how it feels, even more than my Xbox One controller.

If none of three downsides bother you — and they don't really bug me — then hop on over to the buy link below to get yours. It'll go great with your shiny new Shield TV.