Among quite a collection of interesting Motion Sense features that use both a radar chip and the front camera, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL also come with a screen attention function that keeps the display on as long as you're looking at it. It looks like this feature doesn't use the Soli radar and relies solely on the front camera, so so there's nothing stopping it from being deployed to older Pixel phones. We asked Google about it, and unfortunately, it confirmed to us that it doesn't have any plans to expand it beyond the Pixel 4 for now.

We first found evidence of screen attention's existence in a beta version of Android 10 on a Pixel 3, but we learned that it was simply a placeholder for OEM firmware. The presence of the feature on the Pixel 3 still led us to wish for it in a later system update.

Indeed, there's some hope left: Google stated it doesn't have any plans "for now," so the company could still change its stance, just like it did when it introduced the first Pixel's fingerprint gesture for quick access to notifications to the Nexus 6P and 5X.