Just when you thought "unlimited" meant unlimited, AT&T makes an announcement to remind us all that's not exactly true. Just in case the current unlimited plans offered by America's second largest carrier weren't enough, there are three more options rolling out in November.

AT&T's new trio of plans offer the company's unlimited talk, text, and data package with variations of perks that both undercut the current Unlimited & More plan in some areas and exceed the boundaries of the Unlimited & More Premium plan in others:

  • Unlimited Starter comes with unlimited talk, text, and data in the U.S., Mexico and Canada for $35 a line with up to four lines (or $65 for a single line). This entry-level plan has no specific high-speed data cap, though speeds may be throttled if the user is in a congested network area.
  • Unlimited Extra includes all Starter perks, plus 15GB of mobile hotspot per line and 50GB of guaranteed high-speed data for $40 per line, with four lines (or $75 for a single line).
  • Unlimited Elite nets all the above and comes with HBO (and HBO Max in May 2020) included for the life of the plan, as well as HD video streaming capabilities. Each line will also be able to access 30GB of mobile hotspot and 100GB of unthrottled data, all for $50 per line on up to 4 lines (or $85 for a single line).

On the Extra and Elite plans, an AT&T spokesperson has informed us that data throttling will occur once the data cap has been met and the user is in an area of high network congestion – like a crowded concert or a major sporting event –  during a single billing cycle. Only the latter of these has to happen for data connections to suffer on the Starter plan.

For a limited time, AT&T will be giving up to $700 credit to customers who switch to one of these plans and trade in any of the qualifying devices listed here. The Starter and Extra unlimited plans are expected to launch on Sunday, November 3, and the Elite plan will be available several weeks after that.