Smartphone manufacturers might get a bad rap for not adopting the newest version of Android fast enough, but automobile companies are even slower. In addition to designing their own proprietary entertainment system software, manufacturers have lingered when deciding to incorporate innovations like Android Auto or circumvent these offerings for their own OSes. In terms of American car companies, Ford was a little late to the first round of the Android Auto party, and after more than a year since Android Auto Wireless debuted, the next generation of Ford SYNC is finally ready to bring this update to some of its lineup.

Ford SYNC version 4 comes with a list of upgrades that enhance the entertainment system experience: a simplified user interface, cloud-based connectivity, conversational voice recognition, and (most importantly) wireless support for Android Auto. Android users can now hop into a Ford vehicle with SYNC 4 and access their favorite Android Auto features without ever plugging in their devices. Your iPhone-toting friends and family members can also use wireless CarPlay on SYNC 4-enabled vehicles.

The new SYNC 4 with wireless Android Auto support will be available on "select" Ford vehicles starting in 2020, but we'll have to wait until next year before we know which ones.