While almost all other music streaming services have long offered proper desktop applications (or an Electron app, at least), Google has always touted that websites are all you'll ever need. Still, it would sometimes be nice to have a dedicated window for music, including support for playback keyboard shortcuts. Google has finally budged, in a way, and is rolling out a progressive web app for desktops that offers these qualities.

Once the PWA is fully deployed, you should see an Install prompt in Chrome's address bar when you visit the YouTube Music website. If that hasn't appeared for you yet, you'll have to enter the overflow menu in the top right corner of the browser, click More Tools and then Create Shortcut. Be sure to tick Open as window in the following prompt, et voilà, here's your YouTube Music PWA. Apart from the lacking browser interface, it looks just like the website and dynamically adjusts to different window sizes. Your keyboard's playback control buttons will work with YouTube Music even if you don't install the PWA and keep it open in a regular browser tab.

YouTube Music is making quite some progress lately, but I'm still sour there's no way to access my Play Music playlists or songs I've uploaded to the platform. Hopefully, the not-so-new streaming service will soon reach feature parity.

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  • José Ulisses