Samsung was able to claim dibs on the foldable smartphone market with the Galaxy Fold. But with things like R&D, marketing, and the competition always putting pressure on forward motion, the company has revealed that it does have intent to work on another foldable form factor — perhaps something more like a clamshell.

The company is seeking input at the Samsung Developers Conference going on right now for app use cases and ways to tailor One UI 2.0 to fit an ultra-tall phone that creases width-wise. It's the same form factor that Samsung itself has tossed around internally and one that Motorola has been batting at for its foldable RAZR revival, set for November 13.

Alas, if other longstanding rumors are true, we may eventually see the company merge its Galaxy S and Note releases in some way for the spring, making all the room available for the foldable in the fall.

The road to Next, whatever it is, rolls along.