Enhanced gaming has been one of the most consistently promoted features of LG phones that support its Dual Screen hardware. Until now, the only gaming-centric improvement available for these devices has been the ability to use the second display as a dedicated gamepad. Now we're finally seeing games introduce some bespoke functionality for that second panel, with the release of a dual-screen edition of Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War.

The second-screen functionality allows players to keep tabs on game info like profile data and multiplayer rankings while gameplay continues uninterrupted on the primary display. The game relies heavily on design elements that some may argue are overused in mobile game development: base building, timers, squad-based combat, and absurdly costly in-app purchases are all there.

Phones with novel hardware designs often live and die based on the availability and usefulness of supported software. Still, it seems unlikely that this gimmicky bonus functionality in the odd game here and there is going to be enough to persuade potential buyers to pick up the G8X. If you happen to have one, the game's Play Store listing is live, although the title doesn't appear to be accessible just yet, at least not in our region.

Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW(DUAL)
Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW(DUAL)
Developer: JOYCITY Corp.
Price: To be announced