Over the last few years, Waze has partnered up with quite a large number of music and podcast streaming services to make listening to audio while navigating easier and less distracting. Tidal users can finally join in on the party, as the two companies have announced that they're teaming up to bring playback controls to Waze and turn-by-turn navigation to Tidal.

Left: Waze integration in Tidal. Right: Tidal integration in Waze.

The integration should make it easier to focus on the road while you're navigating and listening to music. In Tidal, you'll see a strip at the top of your screen which gives you the current turn-by-turn directions. In Waze, you'll get a shortcut to Tidal's playback controls in the form of a FAB on the top right, next to the navigation instructions.

What's new
Turn every ride into a road trip with TIDAL and Waze.
Our new integration lets you start a Waze trip and see your directions right inside TIDAL. You can also browse TIDAL and control playback directly in Waze.

To anyone using Spotify, this integration should look familiar. Waze and the Swedish streaming service have offered the same functionality since 2017. To start using Tidal and Waze together, download the latest updates to the music platform and the navigation app from the Play Store.