Google's been introducing a pile of ".new" domain shortcuts to its services in the last year, but first-party services like Calendar and Google Docs were just the tip of the iceberg. Google has opened registration for those .new domain shortcuts to third parties, and piles of services, including Spotify, Medium, Stripe, and Bitly, are already on board.

If you aren't aware, Google is in charge of the ".NEW" top-level domain (TLD), though it's only used it for its own properties so far. Earlier this summer, Google applied to the ICANN (the group that manages domain names on the internet, basically) to expand how it uses these TLDs, opening up its own registration policy for others to use. Now, these new .new shortcuts are available to anyone willing to abide by Google's rules (though it's limited to brand-owners right now).

Requirements include HTTPS, some domain name restrictions for specific labels or organizations, and UX requirements — it has to bring you into an "action generation or online creation flow."

For the time being, registration is limited to registered trademark owners, though it is set to expand on December 2nd for wider applications. Next summer, anyone will be able to register the TLD without needing to apply, though they'll still need to abide by Google's registration policy.

Spotify's "" domain shortcut, which I am going to use a lot.

At least nine companies are already on board with the .new TLD at the time of writing (list below). Highlights include shortcuts to playlist creation in Spotify, easy creation of Bitly links, a blank canvas in Medium, and shortcuts to Stripe invoicing.

Interested trademark owners should register their .new domains ASAP before the floodgates are opened for the rest of us normies.