The Pixel 4's Soli radar chip and Motion Sense features have made the news multiple times over the past weeks. From questionable utility to restrictions and resulting quirks, we've learned that this new technology comes with a few asterisks, but we didn't know whether developers would be able to tap into it. Google has now told us that an API isn't currently in the plans.

When asked whether a Motion Sense API for third-party devs is coming, a Google spokesperson told us "not right now, but we'll let you know if plans change." That closes the door momentarily, but leaves a window open for the future.

Motion Sense is already enabled for music controls in a Google-controlled, limited list of apps, and in two other demo apps: Pokemon Wave Hello and Headed South. The latter was developed by ustwo, the company behind Monument Valley, proving that Google has already started letting developers in, but in a small, closed capacity.

Realistically, Motion Sense is still a new technology. Seeing how it behaves with basic features and slowly opening it up to do more, while still maintaining control over what makes the cut and what doesn't, is the right strategy.