Google is constantly working on little usability improvements across all of its apps, and that's no different for Calendar. Code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong peeked into the application and managed to activate vertical scrolling in the month view, replacing the horizontal navigation that's been with us for years.

Vertical scrolling brings along minor interface changes. There's a big black line indicating the beginning of a month, and the rectangular boxes containing days have been shrunken down to squares. This should allow for more dates from multiple months to be shown at once, though I would assume or at least hope that the box size dynamically adjusts with the number of events you're expecting on a given day.

For comparison: Horizontal scrolling in the current version of Google Calendar.

The new interface aligns more closely with the schedule view that scrolls vertically, too, and might thus make navigating months more intuitive. There is no word on scrolling behavior for the weekly and the three-day overview, both of which are currently horizontal.

As always, a test like this might be scrapped by Google altogether before it ever reaches the public-facing version. If the company decides to assess the feature with more people, we might see A/B tests rolling out soon. Using the latest version of the app may help you get in on those, so go ahead and download it over at APK Mirror if you don't have it already.

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