To nobody's surprise, Nvidia's extensively-leaked new Shield lineup is now official. There are two devices: the tube-shaped "dongle" simply called the Shield TV and a higher-end model that more closely resembles prior models named the Shield TV Pro. Both are available now from Nvidia.

Shield TV


Processor Nvidia Tegra X1+
Storage 8 GB
Ports Ethernet, Micro SD

The dongle-like device that leaked a couple of weeks ago is just the "Nvidia Shield TV," no qualifiers. It's a more streamlined device with a smaller form factor and lesser specs than previous Shield TV models: it's got two gigs of RAM instead of three, and just eight gigabytes of storage as opposed to 16. It also lacks USB ports, and it can't be used as a SmartThings hub or Plex server. It also doesn't come with a gamepad. It's less expensive, though, at $150.

Improvements over previous generations include a new Toblerone-shaped remote, a fancy AI-powered 4K upscaler, and support for Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos surround sound. You can order one now direct from Nvidia. Product pages are also live on Amazon and B&H, but it's currently listed as unavailable on the former and for pre-order on the latter.

Shield TV Pro


Processor Nvidia Tegra X1+
Storage 16 GB
Ports Ethernet, 2x USB 3.0

The new Shield TV Pro (which also leaked) is more similar to the Shield TV boxes of yore, with an identical chassis and the same three gigs of RAM and 16 of storage. At $200, this one might be a tough sell for current owners: the only upgrades over the 2017 model are the souped-up Tegra X1+ chip, AI upscaling, and support for Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos surround sound. Unlike the 2017 model, this one doesn't include a game controller, but it does have the same new remote as the model above (although that will eventually be available for purchase separately).

Nvidia has the new Shield TV Pro up for sale now. As with the non-Pro, Amazon and B&H have pages up now, too.