We've reached the last week of October. As we slide ever-closer to winter, check out these spooky* deals: a 55" 4K TV for just 300 bucks, a really cheap Philips Hue bundle, and some other odds and ends to make your life more convenient. (*Deals may or may not actually be spooky.)

TCL 55" 4K Roku TV: $300 ($20 off)

It's nuts how cheap 4K TVs have gotten in recent years. This 55-inch TCL model isn't winning any awards, but it's crazy affordable right now at $300, $20 off its already-low street price. It's only got two HDMI ports, but it has Roku built in to accommodate your streaming needs. Also, it's a 55-inch 4K TV for $300.

Philips Hue 3-bulb white starter pack: $43 ($17 off)

  • Philips Hue 3-bulb white starter pack — $42.68, $17.31 off (Amazon)

Philips Hue is the first name in smart lighting, and this is one of the cheapest ways to break into the ecosystem we've ever seen. For $43, you get three white bulbs (not the multi-color or tunable kind; they're just white). That's about 14 bucks a bulb — plus the hub that's required to operate them.

SoundCore Motion Q speaker: $29.99 ($1o off)

  • Anker SoundCore Motion Q Bluetooth speaker — $29.99 with on-page coupon, $10 off (Amazon)

Anker advertises the SoundCore Motion Q as a shower speaker, but even if you don't need music in the bathroom, its IPX7 water resistance is great for outdoor use. It'll also pump out music for up to 10 hours on a single charge, so it's ideal for camping (or whatever other long-term outdoor activities you get into). Normally $39.99, it's $10 off on Amazon right now when you clip an on-page coupon.

Amazon Echo Wall Clock: $25 ($5 off)

  • Amazon Echo Wall Clock — $24.99, $5 off (Amazon)

Amazon's Echo Wall Clock, depending on who you are, is either genius or the most frivolous piece of tech in years. It's not hard to see the appeal for people entrenched in the Echo lifestyle, though: for not much more than a normal wall clock, you're getting one that also illustrates the timers you have set on an Alexa-enabled device. And it's even more justifiable now with a $5 discount.

TopGreener 3-USB wall outlet two-pack: $27 ($22 off)

  • TopGreener 3-USB wall outlet two-pack — $26.99, $22.39 off (Amazon)

If you find yourself using more USB cables than standard wall plugs, consider installing a couple of these USB-equipped outlets from TopGreener. They're USB-A, which is a bit of a bummer, and each is capable of charging at about 10 watts — not enough to power anything much bigger than a phone. Still, if you've got a lot of little odds and ends you're always topping up, it's a tidier solution than a power strip. A two-pack is $27 right now on Amazon, more than $22 off the normal going rate.