Google Assistant can understand a lot of weird and quirky questions, but it sometimes gets stumped by a name or a simple query. For a while now, you've been able to tap-and-hold on any voice command to manually edit it, but Google is trying to make that process a little more obvious and intuitive.

When Assistant misunderstands a question, you can always tap and hold on the speech bubble to edit or delete it. Now, Google underlines and suggests words it thinks it might have misinterpreted, and shows an Edit button below it. It doesn't come up for me on all commands: It seems to have a preference for some smart home devices, music artists or titles, and videos.

Tapping it opens the text field and keyboard, highlighting the words to let you easily delete and change them. You can still tap anywhere to modify another part of the text. When done, the edited query will be sent as a new one to Assistant.

When I first spotted this a few days ago, I thought it might be a way to get Assistant to correct frequently misunderstood names, products, or things. Say, for example, you have two friends named Ryan and Ryne, but the only one you often message or call is Ryne. If Assistant misinterprets the name as Ryan, this targeted Edit button would let you tell it you mean Ryne, teaching it and avoiding further confusion in the future. So far, this doesn't seem to be the case; there's no long-term retention of your edits, but perhaps it'll be added in the future.

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