Mobile accessory maker Anker made a name for itself by producing products that are both affordable and reliable. Our review found that this held for the original Nebula Capsule, but it needed improvements in a few areas such as image resolution and brightness. Anker has since introduced the Capsule Max, which addresses these issues with improved brightness and clarity, and you can already get one at a new low price of $400 ($70 off.)

The Capsule Max produces a 200-lumen 720p image up to 100 inches in size and features automatic focus and keystone correction. Its built-in rechargeable battery should be able to handle a nighttime outdoor movie viewing with an estimated four hours of playtime (three hours with Wi-Fi enabled). HDMI and USB ports ensure compatibility with a wide range of media devices.

One thing to note: this projector runs a version of Android 8.1, not the full-fledged Android TV found on the Capsule II. This choice of OS limits the selection of available apps and makes accessing Netflix content a somewhat convoluted experience.

The Anker Nebula Capsule Max is currently available at a discounted price of $400 directly from Anker or Amazon. According to Anker's dedicated Nebula site, this deal runs through November 1.