Are you having a sufficiently spooky October? No? Well, Google might be able to help with that, as long as you've got a Nest Hello. The company's video doorbell now has seasonal themes available, and the first one is "Spooky sounds" for Halloween.

Nest Hello owners will probably get a pop-up alert for the new themes the first time they open the Nest app today, but they're also available in the Hello settings. After selecting the theme, visitors won't get that boring traditional ring sound outside. Instead, the Hello will have a more ominous gong sound followed by witch cackles, Frankenstein groans, and so on.

Google says that you should hear the same sounds inside via Assistant speakers as long as you've got visitor announcements turned on. However, this doesn't seem to be live for me yet. You can expect Google to continue rolling out seasonal themes for the Hello (I'd wager Christmas will be a big one). Or you can just leave the spooky sounds on all year.


Here are the spooky rings you can expect from the first seasonal themes.

Google has released four "auditions" for its Nest Halloween sounds. The quirky videos are full of many scaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaary sounds, some perfectly nailed and spooky. A few jokes are interspersed too — I particularly loved the "type A, type B" comment from the vampire.

Developer: Nest Labs Inc.
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