We all know Google Play Music's days are numbered and it's only been playing second fiddle to YouTube Music for over a year. You can't unring that bell, but at least Play Music is getting the opportunity to enjoy its swan song: the app has now crossed 5 billion downloads on the Play Store.

Play Music is the sixth app to reach this impressive milestone. YouTube, Maps, Search, Gmail, and Chrome were first; all of these come pre-installed on Android devices, thus helping their numbers. With YouTube Music becoming the default app on Android 10, its predecessor will have to face the music: Its install number growth will stall and will eventually fade out.

Don't you dare tell that to Play Music's many fans, though. They'll sing its praises, repeating that they won't move until the YouTube alternative offers at least a personal music upload option. Other missing features have slowly been added, so everyone is hoping YouTube Music will be properly jazzed up before Play Music's sunsetting. However, it has a long way to go before it hits all the right notes and makes music fans change their tune.

Until then, if Play Music strikes a chord with you, there's nothing stopping you from using it, and that must be music to your ears.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music
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