The cat is out of the bag for Nvidia and its two upcoming Shield TV models, but that's not stopping the company from shrouding its upcoming plans with mystery. An enigmatic video was posted on its Twitter account with the date October 28, seemingly confirming what we all knew.

As previously leaked, the new Shield TV Pro and Shield TV dongle appear to be slated for release this Monday, October 28. The teaser's animation is very cryptic. It first looks like a beam in a room but then changes to a blinking eye. The only link I can make between it and the new products is the addition of Dolby Vision.

Differences between the new Shield TV units and the existing 2017 model aren't huge. An upgraded Tegra X1+ processor, a new remote, a USB-C port, Dolby Vision, and 4K upscaling may not be enough to convince many users to make the jump, but given Nvidia's more than stellar support for its Shield line-up, we're still excited to see new products from the company. These will likely be the Android TV boxes to recommend to anyone in the next couple of years.

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