Most people don't bother to carry a dedicated camera with them anymore, not since smartphones basically obliterated the market for point-and-shoot cameras. With the launch of the Pixel 4, we're even seeing more impressive zooming capabilities and shooting modes that deserve all of the attention they're getting. However, if you're missing the ultra wide lens or want to push beyond the 8x zoom, or if you have another phone that still has room to improve, it might be time to slip on a lens to achieve that extra optical breathing room. Moment is running a sale that will net up to 20% off on all of its lenses, and if you ordered a Pixel 4 in either size, now is also a great time to get an order in for a Photo Case to go with it.

Pixel 4 cases in walnut and black canvas.

Moment's Pixel 4 cases went up for pre-order shortly after Google announced the new phones, but with all of the activity, they didn't get much attention. You may have picked up a case with the phone, but if you decided to wait, now is a good time to order direct from Moment. Shipping will begin in the next couple of weeks (early November) but you can get a 20% discount for getting your name on the list now. That brings the price down to $31.99 from the usual $39.99, and no code is necessary for the discount.

The lens sale applies to all five of Moment's current phone lenses, including the anamorphic, 18mm wide, 58mm tele, superfish, and the macro. If you're buying just one, you can get 15% off with the code SAVE15; or if you pick up two or more, the code SAVE20 will turn it into 20% off. This discount only applies to the lenses, but if you want to get cracking with some new optics, this is a good time to pick them up. The sale runs through October 31st, so you have a few days to mull it over.