If you're a fan of Arlo security cameras and also like having a dark mode option in apps, then you'll be glad to know that dark mode for the Arlo app will be arriving soon. Its future availability was teased by no other than Matthew McRae, CEO of Arlo, so it's only a matter of time before the feature arrives.

There are some people who couldn't care less for dark mode on their phones, tablets, or other devices and just think of it as a silly trend. Then there are people from the other side that like it, or at least appreciate having the option. I, for one, appreciate the choice, especially for apps that have a predominantly white background and which I use very frequently — sometimes even into the late hours of the night. One such app is the Arlo app. As you can see in the screenshot to the left, that's a lot of bright blinding light when you open the app in the middle of the night because you received an alert from a cam.

Right: Dark Mode turned on.

Besides improving eye comfort, there are other benefits to dark mode as well, such as better battery life and less distraction to others in low-light environments.

Although Mr. McRae didn't explicitly give a specific date for dark mode's arrival, he did give us a hint in his Tweet in which he wrote, "Halloween is coming soon. And so is dark mode."

As some of you have no doubt noticed, there's something a little off about that dark-mode screenshot, and by "off" we mean "summoned from one of those non-Android smartphone platforms."

Of course, this just leaves us wondering whether McRae was explicitly teasing dark mode for iOS, or if the Android app is similarly about to receive it. We've reached out for confirmation and will update this post with what we learn.

Alas, it does not look like Arlo dark mode on Android will be ready in time for trick-or-treating.