Your Spotify app might be a little more active in the coming weeks. The company has announced a test in the US that will allow artists to pay to promote new releases by pushing notifications directly to your phone. Spotify says you can opt-out of these alerts, but only if you pay for the premium service.

The notifications in question aren't the things that appear in your status bar. The Spotify app already uses occasional full-screen recommendation pop-ups inside the app, and that's the feature it's looking to monetize. Spotify says that users really like those recommendations, and now it's letting artists pay to tap into that feature to alert fans to new tracks.

You should only get sponsored notifications in the app if you already listen to a particular artist, so it shouldn't be too annoying—it might not even feel like advertising. If you don't want these sponsored pop-ups, Spotify will provide a way to mute them for specific artists or all artists. However, users on the free tier won't have that option. Spotify didn't say exactly when you'll start seeing these pop-ups, but it shouldn't be long.