Ringtones are a great way to personalize your phone. Whether it plays fun music or an annoying tune, plays an abrupt sound, dings, knocks, beeps, or makes no sound at all, it's your choice. If you have one of Google's devices, you've probably used their Sounds app to pick a ringtone, notification sound, or alarms, and now you'll have more choice. The app just received an update to v2.2 adding two new categories: Play It Loud and Seasonal Celebrations.

The two collections bring many dozens of sounds for you to choose from. Play It Loud contains noisy sounds like a rock concert notification, a pots and pans ringtone, and a siren alarm. The Seasonal Celebrations has thematic tones for different occasions like a haunted house ringtone, a champagne pop notification, and a campfire alarm.

Top: 'Play it Loud' phone (left), notification (middle), and alarm (right) sounds. Bottom: Same for 'Seasonal Celebrations.'

We've made recordings of the different tones available in each collection. You can check them out in the videos below:

To try out these ringtones, you can look for an update to Sounds on the Play Store. It's still rolling out slowly though, so odds are you'll need to wait. Don't worry though, we've got you covered on APK Mirror. Grab the app there, install it on your Pixel or another supported device (like the Galaxy S10), and feel free to annoy everyone with your new DJ notification sound.