Pixel 4 users had a moment of respite when a Reddit user claimed that his Pixel 4 gained the ability to record 4K 60fps video using an updated version of the Open Camera app — a recognized third-party camera app for Android. It turns out, the claim was nothing but bogus, and the app in question doesn’t go over 30fps no matter what frame rate you pick.

What led to this confusion was a toast-style message that appeared in the app’s video mode reading “Video: 3840x2160 60FPS, 48Mbps (mp4)” when the app was set to record in 4K resolution at 60fps frame rate. We analyzed the videos shot on a Pixel 4 with these settings applied to Open Camera, and the results weren’t in the app’s favor.

The video was still recorded in 30fps, thanks to the app’s tendency of disregarding the frame rates you set and defaulting to 30fps. This remained true even for other phones we tested that natively support 4K 60fps videos. Folks using Open Camera for its granular controls must check their footage properties to spot such deceptions they might’ve overlooked.

Many Reddit commenters lined up to share their similar findings of the camera app faking the frame rate numbers. For now, it looks like you’ll have to make peace with Pixel 4’s not-so-high-end 4K 30fps recording and Google’s blatantly implausible reasoning behind it. In the meantime, you can go through our Pixel 4 review that went live yesterday and find out Ryan’s views on the flagship’s camera performance — video recording, in particular.

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Open Camera
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