LastPass is just one of many password managers out there, though it has one of the most generous pricing schemes to offer. Its Android application has always been fairly modern and is known to quickly include new OS features in its beta, like Oreo's autofill API and Marshmallow's new app permission model. Today, the firm continues this commitment by announcing it'll support Android 10's biometrics, meaning you'll be able to unlock the app with Pixel 4's face authentication.

If you already own a Pixel 4, you probably feel the growing pains of face unlock right now as many apps might make you type in your password over and over to log into them. LastPass combats this by tapping into a new Android 10 API. The latest beta release adds a toggle in the app's settings that lets you "use biometrics to unlock." When you enable it, you'll see a system prompt requiring you to authenticate with your face upon opening the app. Tap Confirm, and you should be logged in. In the background, the old prompt with a fingerprint icon is still lurking, but since this is a beta release, the inconsistency can be forgiven.

Left: 'Use biometrics to unlock' toggle. Right: The new system prompt for biometrics authentication.

To test the new feature, you need to download the LastPass beta, which you can sign up for on the Play Store.

It didn't take long for the feature to graduate from beta. You'll find it in the latest stable LastPass version available on the Play Store.


With this release, Pixel 4 users can now access the LastPass app using face unlock. We've also updated the biometric prompt for all Pixel users - providing a better look and feel. Please keep the feedback coming! You can contact us through the Settings page in the app by selecting Help and Support.

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
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