When it comes to securing your property with the best quality infrastructure you can get, we think an Arlo Ultra setup is a good choice. We've never been a fan, though, of the somewhat exorbitant pricing. But today, if you're willing to splurge for four cameras, you can get them for $100 off.

Our Ryan Whitwam wrote up a comprehensive review on the Arlo Ultra system and while he was slightly disappointed at what's offered at purchase price from the camera attachments to the video resolution limit, at full potential, you can record 4K video with nighttime, motion-activated illumination and vastly improved power performance from even the Arlo Pro. Check out his article for more details.

We've been tracking the four-camera set's price trend on Amazon and it looks like it's been falling steadily from the $1,000 price level since the start of this month. However, this sale places it firmly at $900 at Amazon and Best Buy for a limited time, so think fast on your feet if you're going to protect the space you care about the most.