Though it sold out in Europe earlier, the Stadia Founder's Edition has now sold out everywhere, with Google now pushing folks to the alternative Premiere Edition kit instead. This new set doesn't come with the same perks, though, and according to a statement from Google secured by The Verge, some Founder's Edition and Premiere Edition pre-orders may not get their orders in time for the November 19th launch date.

The new Premiere Edition varies from the earlier Founder's Edition in a few key ways: You get a white controller instead of the blue one, you don't get the "Founders" badge on your associated account profile that shows you were an early adopter, you can't secure your Stadia username early, and you don't get that extra three-month Buddy Pass trial to give to a friend. You still get a Chromecast Ultra, the Destiny 2 collection, and three months of Stadia Pro service bundled in. Buying either kit doesn't guarantee day-one gameplay, though.

Google tells The Verge that it's shipping units in the order received, and that means even some Founders Edition folks may have to wait to play. Google only ever explicitly promised that Founder's kits would "start arriving" beginning on November 19th, so even some of those that paid extra for one of these early pre-order bundles may have to wait on hardware come launch day. Any delay will be short, though, as Google claims they should all be delivered within the first two weeks.