Good morning, dear readers. It's been more than a week since we've hit you with a batch of deals, but the wait's been worth it. Today, we've got the return of a great price on Jabra's very nice noise-canceling headphones, $50 off the Moto G7 Power, and several impulse buy-cheap accessories.

Jabra Elite 85h: $250 ($50 off)

  • Jabra Elite 85h ANC headphones — $249.99, $50 off (Amazon)

Jabra's Elite 85h noise-canceling headphones are right up there with the big guys; in his review, David said they're "the best value and overall experience in ANC headphones right now." (Granted, that was in June, but the landscape hasn't changed much since.) They're usually $300, and while they hit this sale price pretty frequently anymore, it's still an excellent bargain for some excellent headphones.

Moto G7 Power: $200 ($50 off)

  • Moto G7 Power — $199.99, $50 off (Amazon)

Motorola's G7 series isn't particularly thrilling. The G7 Power here comes with a Snapdragon 632, three gigs of RAM, and a single 12-megapixel camera around back. The main draw is its crazy-big 5,000-milliamp-hour battery: you could take this phone on a weekend camping trip and not bring a charger. It's normally $250, but it's currently 50 bucks off on Amazon.

RAVPower 61W dual-port wall charger: $30 ($6 off)

  • RAVPower 61W dual-port wall charger — $29.99 with on-page coupon, $6 off (Amazon)

Unlike a lot of similar multi-port chargers, this one from RAVPower actually delivers the full wattage it's named for from a single port — over USB-C, it really pushes up to 61 watts to compatible devices. That's only when the bottom USB-A port isn't in use, though; that'll knock it down to a still-pretty-fast 45 watts. Compared to similar products from other companies, the charger is already a bargain at $36, but an on-page coupon will knock an additional $6 off.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Switch HS200: $22 ($5 off)

  • TP-Link Kasa Smart Switch HS200 — $21.79 with on-page coupon, $5 off (Amazon)

Smart light switches are a convenient way to automate lighting (or whatever else) in your home if you're a little handy. Install this TP-Link switch where a regular dumb switch used to live, and you'll be able to operate whatever the switch controls remotely via an app or the Google Assistant. Clip the on-page coupon to get it at a discount.

Aukey 18W USB-C car charger: $12 ($4 off)

  • Aukey 18W USB-C car charger — $11.99 with coupon, $4 off (Amazon)

Unless you bought one of very few cars in the past couple of years, there's little chance your ride has USB-C built in. You can fix that with this charger from Aukey. It charges connected devices at up to 18 watts, and with coupon code URVPJEWX, you can get it for just 12 bucks.