Based on at least one report we've received, Google may be testing adding Duo integration into the Messages web app. A new prompt may be appearing for some, implying that Duo will be using your contacts in Messages to check for availability on Duo, which links to a support document by Google which confirms this integration. Following this prompt, a new icon for Duo-based video calling appears in supported conversations on Messages.

Above: Prompt appearing for some in the contacts list on the Messages web app. Below: New Duo icon appearing in conversations. 

The new functionality isn't live for any of us here at Android Police, so we can't describe how it might work in application, but based on the report we received, a new Duo icon appears along the top bar in the conversation view for individual contacts. Tapping/clicking it opens Duo's web client with a prompt to call the contact.

That "Learn more" button directs the inquisitive to one of Google's support documents, which explicitly describes how to "make Google Duo calls from Messages for Web," with complete instructions (much like those above) for how to place the calls. Google also notes that while it will check your list of contacts for Duo availability, it won't be saving that data.

The support document also mentions that "If you don't see the video call icon, video calling isn't available for that conversation," though the feature could also be in limited testing right now, or part of a progressive rollout.

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  • Vegar Henriksen