The Pixel 4 launched on a bevy of retailers with a bunch of offers — including $100 in-store gift cards for those who were willing to commit to a pre-order on the spot. Amazon, however, has apparently decided to forego the discount and just offer $99 off list price on a few Pixel 4 models.

You've probably seen our hands-on coverage and have listened to our comprehensive discussions on the Android Police Podcast about this phone. In short, it has a rocket of a camera, but is generally mediocre in many other parts including battery life and Bluetooth connectivity, but that explanation doesn't do the phone justice. If you haven't done your research, the above links are a good place to start.

Amazon has been running pre-orders for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL devices at their regular prices ($799 to $999) along with a $100 Amazon gift card and continues to do so.

Yesterday, though, the 64GB Clearly White version had its list price cut to $699.99, a savings of $99.01. That price only lasted a few hours before stock ran out. But now, we've got the 64GB Just Black version coming in at the same price and the 64GB Pixel 4 XL in Just Black down $99.01 to $800.

You might feel gipped with the 99-cent difference in discount, but maybe you'd do better without the gift card because you don't use Amazon that often. If that's the case, may we also point you to the 128GB Clearly White Pixel 4 which is down $50 to $750.

Orders are still being filled out for first deliveries scheduled for October 24 (officially, at least).

This appears to have sold out again, though it could silently return as it previously did.