It hasn't been long since version 10 of Samsung's Internet web browser was released, but version 11.0 has already hit the Play Store. While there doesn't appear to be a lot new on the surface, the latest version is based on a much newer version of Chromium (the open-source version of Google Chrome).

The biggest change in Internet v11 seems to be the upgraded Chromium base — while v10 was based on Chromium 71 (released in December 2018), this update moves up to Chromium 75 (released in June 2019). That means some of the improvements from Chrome 72, 73, 74, and 75 are present. For example, popups activated when closing a page are now always blocked, and there are a few enhancements to security.

There are also a few interface updates. The overflow menu no longer has a special section at the top for downloads, history, and saved pages, so those icons can be moved around (or removed) like all the others. Update: The interface changes actually arrived in v10.2.

Samsung Internet v11 is still rolling out on the Play Store (it's not available on my own account yet), so if you want it right now, feel free to grab it from APKMirror.