If LG seems particularly out of sorts this year, you could probably tack a lot of that to its contorted phone release schedule: it announced the V50 alongside the G8, released the G8 in April and then the V50 (with its 5G-ness) in June, then decided to fill its IFA booth in September with a dual-screen remix of the G8, the G8X. Today, we're learning when that phone will go on sale in the United States.

The phone that comes with a complimentary and complementary Dual Screen case is finally coming up for pre-orders this Friday, October 25, with sales starting November 1 for $700. Amazon will sell it unlocked from the get-go.

On the carrier side, AT&T is offering just the G8X for $780 up front or $10 per month on a 30-month installment plan — that's $300 when the math's done. Existing customers who add a line get the Dual Screen case for free. Otherwise, it will cost $200 when it goes on sale a la carte, the network tells Engadget.

Sprint also has a promotional page up for the G8X, but no details just yet.

The good news is that you're getting a quality product on paper for pretty cheap: it's got two 1080p displays, 128GB of built-in storage, the Snapdragon 855 (coming late in the model year, but still top of the line), IP68 environment proofing, and a Hi-Fi Quad DAC for line-in junkies.

Whether you'll want to run with LG's Hail Mary deal for two years is up to you.