You could definitely make the argument that Google isn't the outwardly-fun company it was a few years ago — just recently, it gave up on dessert nicknames for Android releases. Thankfully Google UK is bringing the fun back, by shipping some Pixel 4 phones in packaging that resembles cereal boxes.

We received the above photo from reader Todd Yates, and there are plenty of other reports on social media. The box includes a picture of cereal with cube-shaped pieces (resembling Pixels), with some features of the phone listed at the bottom. The back has a maze graphic with more feature highlights. Finally, on the inside of the box, you actually get some cereal with your Pixel.

Sadly, the fun packaging is a Google UK promotion, so those of us living in other countries will just have to be content with the regular box. According to the Google UK Twitter account, only 2,000 of these boxes will be going out.

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  • Todd Yates