The Unicode Consortium has released Emoji 12.1, and with it, 168 new emoji. Well, they're not entirely new; the majority are variations on existing emoji to provide greater flexibility when selecting characters. Many of the new additions come by way of additional hair styles.

Prior to Emoji 12.1, curly hair and baldness were only represented in the abstract — standalone characters were available to depict the concepts, but actual humanoid emoji couldn't be made to have those hairstyles. Now, you'll be able to make a number of bald, curly-haired, white-haired, or red-headed person emoji. Non-gendered options have been added for several role emoji, as well, such as pilot, astronaut, and singer. These will be the default version sent when users don't specify a gender.

There's also a brand new "person with probing cane" emoji, and Android's farmer emoji has been updated to be holding a pitchfork rather than a piece of wheat. The new characters won't be available immediately; new sets are added by way of OS updates. You can check out the whole list below.