Disney, lord and master of almost all entertainment media, will soon grace us with yet another subscription service. It's not taking any chances with you filthy pirates, though. Disney+ will reportedly require the most stringent type of Widevine DRM. So, it might not even work on your device.

According to Linux developer Hansdegoede, Disney+ will need Widevine L1 for all streaming, locking out some older Android devices, Chromebooks, and Linux. Attempting to stream Disney+ content with Widevine L3 hits you with "Error code 83."

We've run into Widevine issues with other streaming services. For example, Netflix won't stream any 4K or FHD content if a device lacks Widevine L1 support (remember OnePlus' Widevine struggles). However, basic streaming works fine with the simpler software-based L3 solution. Hopefully, Disney lightens up when the service fully rolls out.

Note: The Widevine "levels" were stated incorrectly in several sources at the time of posting. We've since corrected our post. 

Disney has confirmed to Tom's Guide that the Disney+ streaming service will work on Chromebooks and all "certified" Android devices.

That makes sense, as Chromebooks should support Widevine naively (as referred to indirectly in this developer support document). It's a confusing subject, since the Android apps on Chromebooks are sometimes limited to the lower Widevine L3. Unfortunately, Google has expunged the internet of the original Widevine reference document, which probably had more explicit confirmation about the precise nature of Chrome OS's Widevine support, which differs a bit from Android.