Samsung's Galaxy Watch from last year is one of the best smartwatches on the market for Android users. Available in two sizes (42 mm and 46 mm) with different connectivity options (WiFi/BT-only and LTE), the Galaxy Watch still sells for $250 and upwards at most retailers. If its high price was a barrier that stopped you from getting one before, the 42 mm Galaxy Watch with LTE is on sale at eBay in open-box form for just $167 ($213 off MSRP).

When we reviewed the WiFi/BT model of the Galaxy Watch last year, we liked it for several reasons: fantastic build quality, decent battery life, a satisfying rotating bezel, and accurate fitness tracking. What soured the watch for us was its general lack of apps, removal of the MST Samsung Pay option, and Bixby.

The Galaxy Watch that's been posted on eBay is of the unlocked LTE variety, meaning you can use it without a tethered smartphone to call, text, stream music, and get your notifications via a cellular connection. The watch sells for $380 brand-new so this is a fantastic deal, considering it comes in the original box with all the accessories (but no SIM card).

The eBay seller, amazing-wireless, has 99.9% positive feedback with almost 100,000 lifetime ratings. The seller describes the condition of the watch as "A+" with possibly only minor blemishes present. Shipping is free and the seller accepts returns within 30 days. Be aware that these watches do not come with a warranty from Samsung. Also, be sure that the network frequencies and data type supported by the watch is compatible with your carrier.

The quantity seems limited, so head over to eBay to grab one before supply runs out.