American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is a freshly announced strategy game from B.V. that's coming to Android this fall. The game suspiciously looks a lot like Fallout Shelter, but instead of searching out new survivors, you'll have to clone Rodger in an effort to form an army large enough to manage your household and save the world. Apocalypse Soon is already available on the Play Store for pre-registration, and if enough people pre-register, they may unlock a few rewards.

The trailer above states in the corner that its imagery does not represent Apocalypse Soon's final gameplay, though the differing designs of each room in the house, as well as the optional spaces to build more rooms, gives off a Fallout Shelter vibe. If you dive into the Play Store description, you'll notice that the game's story of evil aliens attacking Earth supports this familiar setup. It will be your job to turn the Smith household into your very own base of operations. This means you'll spend your time producing resources, training and equipping your crew, and of course, you'll have to venture out into the game's world to battle your many enemies. The game is described as "the perfect combination of RPG combat and strategy," but really it looks and sounds like yet another branded clone.

So far, there's no word how American Dad! Apocalypse Soon will be monetized, though the new Play Store listing makes it clear that advertisements and in-app purchases will be included. If you venture on over to the Apple App Store listing, you'll notice that the game is listed for free and that the expected launch date is October 8th. While iOS and Android launches can differ, this App Store info should give everyone a loose idea of when to expect the Android release.

As a fan of the American Dad TV show, I can't say that I feel very excited for the upcoming release of American Dad! Apocalypse Soon. After years of receiving shallow branded cash grabs on the Play Store that only ever offer cloned gameplay that's monetized to the hilt, I'm over it. We've reached the bottom of the barrel folks, and studios like B.V. just want to keep on digging.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon
American Dad! Apocalypse Soon
Developer: B.V.
Price: Free+

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is officially available on the Play Store

It would appear that the October 8th release prediction that aligned with the Apple App Store listing was a few days off, and so American Dad! Apocalypse Soon officially arrived on the Play Store on the 19th, and the App Store on the 18th. Now that the game is here, you may be wondering if it's any good. I can confidently report that it offers exactly what was expected. This is a free-to-play title, and it includes in-app purchases that range up to $99.99 per item. It's also clear that the game plays a lot like Fallout Shelter, and while the fighting mechanics are different, once you advance a bit, you will hit your first paywall. Then your choice is to grind endlessly or start sinking money into the game. This setup is hardly a surprise, but it's still disappointing all the same. Of course, if you don't mind greedy monetization, and are a big fan of the American Dad TV show, then there's probably still enough to like about this game despite its familiar design, just make sure to watch out for the relentless monetization.