Having two USB-C phones and a MacBook Pro means I can use a single charger to power them all up. However, my laptop's wall charger is relatively bulky, and there are times when I'd rather not carry it around. Thankfully, I just found the perfect deal: RAVPower's small USB-C PD wall chargers are down to $29 and $30 on Amazon, depending on the number of ports.

Both versions deliver up to 61W over USB-C PD, with the dual-port version adding an extra USB-A output to charge two devices simultaneously. This is particularly convenient if you want to pack a single charger to fill up both your phone and laptop without having to worry about carrying extra chargers.

These are also designed to be particularly compact, as they're about half the size of a regular MacBook Pro charger while delivering the same amount of energy. This is achieved thanks to the latest Gallium Nitride technology, which allows for less power loss while reducing footprint by 15 times.

If you're as excited about these chargers as I am, all you need to do to enjoy the markdown is to apply the on-page coupon when checking out. This will automatically apply a $6 rebate toward your purchase, bringing the prices down to $29 or $30. Keep in mind you will still need a separate USB cable, as the package only includes the wall charger.