If you regularly use YouTube Music to experience songs, either through just the audio or with the accompanying music video, you might have lamented on its inability to properly playback songs with seamless transitions. That sucks if you're trying to sink into a full, continuous LP like Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon." But some users are now reporting that the app is starting to do so in what appears to be a server-side feature rollout.

Redditor JoshYx started a thread saying that the app was able to move between "The Mind's Eye" and "Portals" on Haken's album, "Visions," seamlessly with YouTube Music v3.35.51. agentanthony has not been able to experience this feature on their Pixel 2 with that version or v3.37.55, but was able to get it on their iPad Pro with v3.37.3.

excited_panda was able to record a snippet of the feature in action playing Pink Floyd.

It's a much-needed feature in order for a music app to be taken seriously, so YouTube Music was well overdue. For many, though, the wait is expected to continue for just a short time longer.

Alternate title: YouTubeMusicfinallygetsgaplessplayback

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